• miler carpooling app

    Post your ride, find your ride, share costs.

    From music festivals to your daily commute, Miler gets you there safely, on time!


    Post a ride

    Share your trip or your daily commute with people around you. You can post multiple rides and you'll get requests from trusted people going your way.

    Find a ride

    Find trusted drivers around you with a spare seat. You can send a request, talk to them and arrange time and pick up location.

    Share costs

    Save money and share the costs of your ride safely. You can book a ride or receive a contribution to cover the costs of your trip, worries free.


    Share your ride with trusted people

    Our community is made of real and trusted people! Miler uses Facebook to connect drivers and passengers and pseudonyms are not accepted. You can post your rides safely and accept requests only from people you trust.

    Two way ratings

    Passengers and drivers rate each other after every ride, so that we can build a trusted community of users. Users can check each other profile, rating and reviews before booking rides. We monitor closely our community ratings and feedback and abuses will not be tolerated.

    Extra checks

    Drivers are required to upload their car details and driver licence before posting a ride. As a driver, you will share your ride to reduce the cost of your trip without making profit. Your usual third party insurance covers you and your passengers, so long as a profit is not made.

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